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About The Artist


Hello !

I'm Magda a multi disciplinary creative working across digital platforms, pre dominantly within illustration and hand crafting art.

My work is made up of different elements creating a pop, graphic and colored aesthetics. My universe reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world surrounding us exactly as I see it: with a suspicion of naughtiness and whim. With my graphic tablet as my best ally, I design and work by taking inspiration accross multiple platforms and tools. I've got a keen eye for color, composition and details, I love textures and fabrics which i try to reflect in my art pieces.

I love illustrate fashion, food or recipes, portrait, pattern, street styles and landscap.

Based in Lyon (Center of France) I am a computer Graphics Artist freelancer and illustrator freelance for several years now.

Represented by Colagene Clinique crative (Paris).

Find My portfolio here. Or You can follow my work on instagram @mamzellepoppy or on my facebook page @MamzellePoppypage to see my current projects and work in progress.


Most of my work focuses on portraiture within Fashion and Beauty.

My process is mostly intuitive ; I approache my creations with feeling and makes the most of my best tool: creativity and curiosity. Photography, art in many supports, graphics designs, fashion in many aspects are my main field of interest. All these supports inpires me and help me to improve my artistic vision. As well as movies, animation movies and books.

Continuing a love for fashion illustration and Media I look forward to keep working for fashion Brands, Magazines and all  projects that involved trend and fashion in an artistic vision.  This website is my way to share my passion for illustrations and fashion, but also to provide you a wide range of my creativity.

I possesses an evolving curiosity for creativity in the digital space and i’m always looking for new and exciting ways to innovate through technology, art and digital techniques.
XX Poppy Magda

XX Poppy Magda